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Regulation on privacy in relation to the information received via Internet websites

  1. General Regulations

    Multon (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) stands for the privacy policy in relation to personal data, received from each of visitors of Internet websites of the Company (“the Sites”). This Regulation on privacy defines what personal data the Company can receive from the Sites and how the Company can use the received personal data from the visitors.

  2. Personal Data

    The Company does not have the intention to gather information referred by the existing legislation of the Russian Federation to the personal data, for example, you surname, name, patronymic, year, month, date and place of birth, address, marital, social and financial status, education, profession, income, phone number, e-mail and other information (“the Personal data”), via the Sites which belong to the Company, except cases when the Personal data are given by you voluntarily. By giving your Personal data voluntarily, you automatically consent to processing your Personal data by the Company, including their cross-border transmission according to the existing legislation of the Russian Federation on protection of personal data. The Company obliges to provide privacy of the Personal data given by you and has the right to transfer them only to people affiliated to the Company or those who signed contracts with the Company, the conditions of which provide protection of the Personal data. If you do not want your Personal data to be processed, please, do not provide them.

  3. Procession of the Personal data

    In those cases when you provide your Personal data, the Company can process them in the following way, if nothing else is stipulated: to keep, systematize, gather, collect, specify, use, impersonalize, transfer the information to study customer’ needs and improve the quality of its products and services. The Company (or other people on behalf of us within maintained advertising campaigns) can use your Personal data to get in touch with you; and/or we can render generalized (altered) information about visitors or users of the Sites to the third parties.

    All users of the Sites, including parents of underage (who is under 18) and underage users of the Sites themselves are informed that this Regulation on privacy remains in effect only towards the Personal data, rendered by the users of the Company. The information, including the Personal data, which was voluntarily rendered by the underage or other users to the third parties, for example, in chats, e-mail, on boards in the Internet, can be used by the third parties for unsolicited mailing lists or in other goals. The Company advises to all parents to explain to their children that it is necessary to use Internet with responsibility and remember about security of the Personal data and other information.

  4. We focus the attention of parents of the underage users of the Sites that the Site you are a visitor of is one of the sites with general (unlimited) access, which belong to the Company. In certain periods of time the functioning of some Sites will be regulated not by general, but by special regulations on privacy, and there will be special conditions concerning access of the underage to the site and privacy of the Personal data.

    The Company will not process the Personal data of people, who are under 18. In those cases when it is necessary, the Company will intentionally alert the underage that they should not provide such information to the Sites or that they are permitted to do it exceptionally from the permission of the parents.

  5. The additional information, received by the Company, automatically

    In some cases when you are connected to the Site, the Company can automatically (i.e. without registration) receive technical information, which is not the Personal data. To such information refer the type of your Internet-browser, the type of the operation system of your computer and the domain name of the Internet-site with the help of which you have found the Site.

  6. The information which is automatically located on your computer — Cookies

    When you visit the Sites, the Company can save some information on your computer. This information will have the form of Cookies (small files with data which are sent to the hard drive of your computer from the sites visited by you) or similar to it and can be useful for solving various tasks. For example, Cookies help us to set the Site in such a way that it corresponds maximally to your interests and needs. With the help of the most Internet-browsers you can remove Cookies from your hard drive, to block any saving of them or to get notifications that they will be saved. Please, refer to the instruction on the usage of your Internet-browser or to the guide installed in it to learn more about these functions.

  7. Feedback

    Any questions, comments and complaints concerning security of the Personal data can be sent to:
    Moscow, 111141, post-office box 489
    Phone number 8-800-200-7720 (all calls are free)