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Dobry | Rich | Moya Semya

Dobry juice is a true «people’s» product and the unconditional leader of the market. It is known and loved by all. It is trusted. In Russia more than 70 million people drink juices, fruit drinks and nectars Dobry, from them 30 million consumers prefer Dobry to all other brands.

Rich is the inimitable taste and personification of a perfect style. For producing juices and nectars of this mark especially selected fruits and vegetables of the highest quality are used. Just because of this it is impossible to confuse Rich with any other juice.

Moya Semya
Family is one of the prime values in our country. Moya Semya (literally, My Family) is the brand defending family values since the day of its origination. Tasty and affordable nectars from Moya Semya are ideal for everyday use bringing moments of joy and pleasure to your family.