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Today there seems no need to assure anybody of fresh vegetables and fruit health benefits, yet modern way of living sometimes does not allow a person to approach food issue thoughtfully enough. In the rapid succession of concerns, work and household duties we often forget about ourselves and our own needs.

Meanwhile forces and energy consumption is increasing while tempo of life grows faster. Mental and physical exhaustion results in stresses, immunity weakening and even declines. In this case a practice of daily fruit and vegetable juice consumption may be saving. It is a convenient and enjoyable way to provide oneself and one’s family with necessary vitamins and minerals, elate and preserve health without slowing down the pace of life and activity level.

The production of Multon is made of the most delicious and healthful fruit and vegetables.


“Apple” is one of the fundamental notions in the lexicon of a Russian: this is the main fruit. It is no mere chance that many generations of our ancestors evaluated this fruit so highly. The currant researches showed that it is in apples that healthful substances mix most advantageously. Apples are rich in vitamin C supporting immune system, and vitamin A which is necessary for normal metabolism. They also contain group B vitamins which ensure the work of nervous, cardiovascular and alimentary systems, and vitamin G stimulating normal digestion and growth; apples contain this vitamin in more volume than other fruit do. That is why the apple juice is considered to be especially beneficial for children.

Lastly it is widely known that apples contain much ferrum raising hemoglobin level in our blood. And recent researches showed that apples rejuvenate an organism and prevent the breakdown of brain cells.


In German and French orange literally means “Chinese apple”. This fruit is considered to have been produced by ancient Chinese plant breeders. Already at that time people were aware of curative properties of this fruit. The orange increases working capacity, improves mood, builds up the immunity and has an antifebrile effect. Like all citrus fruit the orange is famous for a high percentage of vitamin C, but it also contains vitamins , 1 and 2 — they aid in purifying the blood and raising the appetite. Magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, ferrum, zinc and iodine entering into the chemical composition of the orange rejuvenate an organism, regulate growth and delay aging. Besides, the orange is the powerful antioxidant. There is more to come: oranges have an anti-inflammatory, antiviral effect, prevent clotting, aid in decholesterolization. This fruit perfectly allays thirst, as carbohydrates, saccharose and glucose, citric and malic acid are dissolved in it. But the most important thing is the marvelous aroma and admirable orange flavor. It is this very flavor that makes healthful and energizing orange juice so popular around the world. And it became a traditional part of healthy lifestyle long ago.


The name of this fruit in the language of Guarani means “delicate flavor”. The sweet, juicy and fantastically beautiful pineapple gained the fame of tropical fruits king long ago. Furthermore, recently it has become widely known that besides its excellent gastronomic characteristics this fruit has also exceptional curative properties. The whole complex of biologically active substances contained in the pineapple makes it our ally in the fight for the health of the heart, kidneys, the central nervous system and the respiratory apparatus. In the pineapple flesh there are vitamins 1, B2, B12, PP, pro-vitamin , minerals, ferrum, copper, zinc, calcium, magnesium and iodine. But the highest value is placed on bromeline, the ferment of the pineapple, able to burn fat and split protein which aids in weight loss. A glass of pineapple juice during a large meal raises enzymatic activity of digestive juice, relieves a feeling of weight in stomach and nausea. Pineapple juice will help you to get through the discomfort caused by a flight or sea travel.


The only appearance of this bright, sweet-smelling and tender fruit improves the mood reminding of the bliss and luxury of the Orient. However, belying its name the peach does not originate from Persia, but again from China. Bracing and purifying properties of this fruit are determined by a high percentage of potassium salt, ferrum, vitamins 1, 2, and and pro-vitamin . Peaches stimulate growth and build up the immunity, and that is why they are especially beneficial for children. Due to availability of easily digested ferrum in peaches it is recommended to add them to the menu for raising hemoglobin level. Moreover, the peach is a powerful anti-stress product. It immediately eases anxiety and settles nerves. Peaches are useful to eat during intense sports activities, as they refresh, strengthen the immunity, the heart and the circulatory system.


Grape juice is a valuable nutritious product and has the curative properties as well. A glass of grape juice ensures a daily intake of B vitamins, which is a pledge of the healthy nervous system, skin, hair and nails. Moreover, the grape contains digestible carbohydrates (glucose and fructose), tartaric and malic acid, and potassium, calcium, ferrum, magnesium, manganese, vitamin C, which have beneficial effects onto the cardiac muscle and water-salt metabolism. The basic component of the grape determining its nutritional value and flavor is sugar. The grape is highly nutritional and equals potatoes and milk in energy value, therefore grape juice is sometimes called “vegetative milk”. Like most other fruit, the grape contains vitamin C, but the unique advantage of this berry is that it also has vitamin P which helps an organism to digest and accumulate ascorbic acid.


The birthplace of the watermelon is South Africa where its wildlife species can still be found. In the ancient Egypt people were already familiar with it and cultivated this cropper. In Russia this berry appeared only in the XVII century. But since then it has struck root and become the favorite dainty in summertime. But for a long time people had no idea about the health benefits of watermelons. Meanwhile this fruit is a real gold-mine of beneficial substances: vitamins , 1, 2, ferrum, potassium, magnesium, carotene, folic and pantothenic acid. Watermelon flesh is the best source of dietary fibres which helps to arrange functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Moreover, the watermelon is rich in carotinoids which have a powerful antioxidant effect. And the watermelon has no equals in the concentration of the valuable folic acid which is necessary for normal nervous system function, brains, blood circulation, digestion, metabolism and healthy foetus development during pregnancy.


The scientists of Harvard University put tomatoes in the list of the top ten most salutary products. These berries (in the botanical classification tomatoes are berries) contain potassium, magnesium, ferrum, zinc, calcium and phosphorus, and quite a bit of vitamins – B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, E, but the percentage of vitamin C is the highest. These berries are a priceless source of lycopene, the most powerful natural antioxidant. A couple of glasses of tomato juice ensure a daily intake of this substance, and besides they bring down arterial and intracranial pressure and keep the heart healthy. Nicotinic acid contained in tomatoes helps smokers to give up the addiction. Another very beneficial property of tomatoes is a low caloric content. Furthermore, chrome contained in tomatoes provides early satiety and prevents from “brutal” hunger attacks. And what is especially useful is that tomatoes do not lose their beneficial characteristics during processing: they can be cooked, canned and squeezed. This just enhances their useful properties.