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Multon is absolutely responsible for its business activities basing on principles of corporate social responsibility which guarantee:

  • Health and safety of its employees
  • Consumer rights protection and respectful attitude to partners
  • Environmental care

The given aspects of the Company corporate responsibility are the most prioritized and their observance constitutes an obligatory integral part of any work activities and business decisions taken by Multon Leadership.

Multon strategy of corporate social responsibility is mainly focused on those social directions which might have the strongest impact on its business:

  • environment
  • local communities
  • health and welfare
  • youth development

The examples of Multon corporate social responsibility projects:

Bisons under Dobry Protection

The unique program of Multon and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) on bison population restoration in Russian wildlife.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) started the program of bison restoration in 1996 when there was not a single specimen of this ancient hoofed mammal left in European Russia. Several years later program funding was stopped, and the project of bison restoration in wildlife could come under the threat of failure. Just then in 2004 Multon joined the program, and the project was named «Bisons under Dobry Protection».

Multon considers it to be its duty to preserve and increase the unique Russian wildlife. The first bison calf born under the auspices of the program was named after our company as a good sign of this initiative. «We are proud to have an opportunity to participate in such a kind, socially significant action» — Natalia Kolmakova, Multon PR director said at the final press conference that took place in Moscow on October 2, 2008, and was devoted to the results of Multon and WWF joint program of wild bison restoration in Russia — «Bisons under Dobry Proteciton».

As a result of the five-year program much was done: bison enclosures were repaired in national parks, released bison surveillance and protection system was rectified, and above all the total number of wild bisons increased from 90 up to 150 animals.

Dobry Movies

Multon Green Teams

In 2008 Multon started the corporate ecological movement «Green Teams» — the company employees with their families go out to clean up areas, recreation zones or parks and collect garbage accumulated during the winter.

Within the framework of the ecological movement «Multon Green Teams» two events have already been held. The first one took place on May 24 in Internationalists Park of Frunzenskiy district of Saint Petersburg — the birthplace of «Multon». Over 150 employees of the company with their children met in the morning in Internationalists Park to split into «Green teams» and make a gift to the city together. Some teams planted 40 young trees, the second ones fixed up the steps in the park, the third cleaned up the shores of the park pond, the fourth cleaned up lawns and alleys of the Park.

A week later on May 31 the second event was held in Moscow Region — Shelkovo — on the riverbank of Klyazma which is one of the biggest rivers of Moscow Region. It is exactly here in Shelkovo where the largest plant of the company producing juices and nectars for the whole Russia is located. On that day 250 people came to work. Participants of «Multon Green Teams» collected garbage on the river bank and surrounding areas — the favourite places of resort for townsfolk. The work resulted in: 452 garbage bags, 5 wheels, an iron bed and a scrap heap, which were loaded into the lorry and carried out for recycling.

Multon Green Classes

Sports Club Spartak in Shchelkovo (Moscow Region)

The orphan home in Fryanovo (Moscow Region)