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Rich has renewed pack design

The conducted restyling has an evolutionary character, the pack has kept its image, habitual for customers, and at the same time gained modern characteristics. Branded white color of the pack and the writing of " Rich" title on each side remained untouched. The principal changes touched the brand logo and the product zone. The brand logo became more dynamic and expressive, the lettering decision was reworked from the point of view of more correspondence to the product category. The product zone due to the modern food-stylistics, airiness and deepness of the composition became more attractive and interesting for customers.

With appearance of Rich juice in 2002 a stylish design and a handy in usage pack became an obligatory standard for juices of the premium segment. High taste qualities of Rich juices were underlined by the original design (for the first time for such a product as juice a pack of white color was used) and functionality of pack (for the first time a screw top appeared). A unique design of Rich package won the award of the most prestigious contest on industrial design in the world " Good Design Award" (USA). Since 2002 the Rich’ s pack is a constant exponent of the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.