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Kindness unites

From September, 21, in the national air of the leading Russian channels the new ad of the number one brand at the Russian juice market — Dobry— is demonstrated.

The new advertising campaign — «Kindness unites» — is still about timeless human values and about the most principal thing — that kindness exists in each and every of us, kindness can and should be actual and modern.

Anyone can perform at least a small good deed — to free a butterfly which flew to the room by chance, to catch a scarf stripped by the flow of wind, to give a ride to a person who is late, to support and inspire a young and inexperienced musician. Someone would say that all these are trifles and trinkets which are should not be stopped at. But of such «trifles» our life is formed. And if we are not ignorant to each other, if we pay attention to those who needs our help and take action, then together we will become that kind force which unites all people, regardless of their social position, age, nationality and so on. This idea has become the basis for the new campaign of the Dobry.


According to the conclusions of the research which was conducted by the international agency Millward Brown, the new advertising campaign is a real breakthrough in advancing the Dobry brand. The new ad of the Dobry has entered TOP 35 in the country. It very well motivates customers of the Dobry brand to buy juice as in short-term as in long-term perspective, and it promotes strengthening their loyalty to the mark.