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Dobry is the most useful word

In the beginning of March, 2009, a new TV ad of Dobry brand supporting a unique series of functional products, enriched with vitamin-mineral complexes and natural extracts of grasses and berries, was aired on TV.

Today Dobry is the only juice brand which offers natural enrichment of extracts of healthy grasses and berries.
For the first time the innovative series entered the market in the end of 2006, and last year it was enlarged by an innovation — a juice nectar with calcium. All five tastes of the enriched nectars are produced from the high-quality natural materials, and due to the extracts of healthy grasses and berries included to them contribute to health promotion and improvement of well-being.

The title of each of five tastes reflects its content: " Take care of the heart" (the nectar of orange and lemon with the extract of thorn), " Beauty inside" (the nectar of apples, chokeberry and raspberry and the extract of chamomile), " Strong basis" (orange nectar with calcium), " Solid security" (the nectar of apples, chokeberry and blackberry with the extract of briar), " Telescopic eyes" (the nectar of apples, chokeberry and cherry with the extract of blueberry). All these healthy features of the enriched Dobry are important for every person, who cares for health of his/her family members and dear ones — that is why in the basis of the new TV ad there is a simple idea — " Dobry offers more use for your dear ones".


The main characters of the ad — mothers and their charming children — are at home, playing " Scribble". This game was not chosen by chance: the Dobry juice unites in itself various healthy features as well as the final word Dobry in the game unites various words, which underline these features. Casual atmosphere of home time-spending helped to fill the ad with the feeling of warmth and coziness. The use of enriched tastes of Dobry is opened through the images of loving mothers who care for their children’ s health, and its naturalness — through the demonstration of all healthy components. The creators managed to make a truly kind ad, which tells people that a new line of enriched nectars of the Dobry is a simple and natural way to care for health of family and dear ones.


For the first time the advertising campaign in support of the series of the Dobry enriched nectars was aired in February 2007. Two previous seasons had shown a steady interest of consumers to the products of healthy nutrition, natural and useful for the organism. The new ad " Words" with duration of 20 and 10 second will be in the national air from March to May 2009. The TV-campaign will be supported by advertising materials in the points of sale.