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The Multon company history is a success story of one of the juice business trailbreakers in Russia.

The history of Multon started in 1995 with the first batch of juice Nico, produced at the factory in Saint Petersburg. One of the first juice brands gained popularity among customers within a short time, production was ramped up steadily, and in 1999 it reached 26 million litres a year, and in 2007 it exceeded 198 million litres. Having gained the leadership in the north-west region the company became one of the major players of the juice industry on the Russian market. Among the main company success factors are creation and development of innovative brands, consistently high quality production and permanent improvement of manufacturing and logistics systems. Today Multon popular juice brands including Rich and Dobry are produced on state-of-the-art manufacturing lines.

The success of Multon would not be conceivable without the company’s biggest industrial enterprise in Moscow Region—Schelkovo plant, which is one of the major contemporary and innovative juice producing plants not only in Russia, but in Europe.
On December 19, 1998 the first 3600-litre batch of apple juice Dobry was produced at the factory in Shchelkovo. The factory start-up became not only a key milestone on the company roadmap, it established the most fastest-selling Russian juice brand Dobry.

On February 1999 the factory started juice manufacturing with production capacity of 46 million litres a year. Since 2000 the factory has expanded the product line-up: production of juice under the first "Multon’s brand name Niko has been started, in 2002—production of juices and nectars Rich, in 2004—production of fruit containing drinks Dobry.

In 2003 a new chapter was added to the history of the enterprise—the microbiological laboratory was opened at the factory. Hence more elaborate support system appeared for consistently high quality production. These efforts allowed the company to start manufacturing juices and nectars for younger children under the brand name Yasli-Sad. Since the first batch rollout up to the present day juices for children have been manufactured under the strictest quality control maintained daily by specialists through all production stages.

In April 2005 Multon joined the global Coca-Cola System, the world leader in the alcohol-free beverage industry.

In 2006 the range of beverages produced by the plants was again diversified. We started to produce functional beverages: juices and nectars Nico Biotime with optimal combination of natural vitamins and healthful substances, nectars Dobry fortified with vitamins and minerals. In 2007 due to new equipment introduction drinks were enriched with various supplements, which resulted in juices, nectars and fruit drinks produced at factory in Shchelkovo getting more healthful. We also started to produce puree Rich Fruit Mix using the unique Italian equipment—with the launch of this product a new product category of fast and healthy nutrition was established in the Russian market.

The own effective production, competently formed portfolio of brands, well-thought-out marketing policy and effective distribution system enabled Multon to become one of the major players on the Russian juice market. Today Multon is one of the first-rate domestic producers of healthy fruit nutrition.

In 2012 Multon started production of juice containing drink “Pulpy”.

In 2014, according to a license agreement with “Nidan Juices” Multon started production of nectars under the trademark “Moya Semya”.