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Life is a rich thing, all around!

In 2002 the company offered a product with new unique characteristics for the juice industry of Russia — Rich juices. In fact with appearance of this new brand there appeared a premium segment on the market, where Rich has firm positions today. High taste qualities of Rich juices were emphasized by the original design (for the first time for such a product as juice a pack of white color was used) and functionality of pack (for the first time a screw top appeared). As a result the stylish design and handy in usage pack have become an obligatory standard for juices which are positioned in the premium segment.

The positions of Rich brand are confirmed by the prestigious awards. The international professional community especially marked the design decision of the pack: Rich has the prize of the contest on industrial and graphic design in the world " Foods Design Awards" (USA), and since 2002 Rich pack is a constant object of the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.

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