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Kindness unites Kindness unites
From September, 21, in the national air of the leading Russian channels the new ad of the number one brand at the Russian juice market – Dobry– is demonstrated.

Dobry is the winner of “The Product of the Year-2008” premium
The brand Dobry has become the winner of “The Product of the Year” premium twice – in 2003 and 2005. This year the brand’s achievements have been marked by the special nomination – “For constantly high quality and care for customer”.

Dobry is the most useful word
In the beginning of March, 2009, a new TV ad of Dobry brand supporting a unique series of functional products, enriched with vitamin-mineral complexes and natural extracts of grasses and berries, was aired on TV.

Multon is twice a birthday company! 10 years to the Dobry brand and to Multon-Shelkovo factory
In the end of November Multon celebrates two jubilees at the same time: 10 years to the main juice brand of Russia – Dobry, and 10 years – to Multon-Shelkovo factory, which is one of the largest juice enterprises of Europe.

“Dobry” Juice on Space Orbit “Dobry” Juice on Space Orbit
New Dobry TV-ad was launched on the national TV.

Dobry got its packege design updated Dobry got its packege design updated
The Company Multon ran Dobry pack re-styling

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