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Dobry  juice is the unconditional leader and truly " people’ s juice". Launched into production in 1998 — the difficult times for the Russian economy — already in 2003 the Dobrymanaged to become a number one brand at the domestic market.

The original brand-concept, wonderfully exactly concordant to the values of Russian customers, managed to awake an echo in their hearts. Multon was the first to launch a new product on the market, which became a model for all other producers: emotional perception of customers, balanced natural taste, simple title, qualitative pack, attractive price and, what is the most important, constant innovations.

In 2004 Dobry for the first time produced the line of fruit-drinks and made them available for mass customers, and in the summer of 2006 it made a nice surprise to its admirers by a season taste the " Dobry melon". Next year a New Year present the " Dobry Gift" appeared which was made of berries and grape in the mulled wine style.

Then the line of functional products under the mark of Dobry was enlarged by nectars, enriched by the natural extracts of berries and herbs. In 2008 Dobry produced a regular innovation — cold teas with natural extracts of the Russian herbs and berries and 100% juice. During the same time, in 2008, Dobry entered the top-5 of the list «50 best Russian brands of all categories», created by the Forbes magazine.

Always staying the first Dobry during all these years is keeping its leadership. Today more than 70 million people in Russia (each 5th of the Russian citizens) drink juices, fruit-drinks and nectars Dobry. From this amount about 30 million prefer Dobry to any other marks.

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